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Posted on 27 Nov 2014

Innovation Powered By Online Marketing

Our design team will turn your wishes into ideas and your ideas into reality. We have the creativity at our fingertips to give your business the style it deserves and to make it stand out from the crowd of competitors in the online marketing forum.

If it’s intrigue you are looking for, look no further. Our designs are cleverly conceived to first catch the eye and then to hold the attention. Your customers will stay on your homepage until they know just what you’re all about.

Creativity is our mission statement

We know how to put a message across. It’s what we do best and your message is our business. With futuristic designs that show your products in their very best light, we will show you how online marketing can drive your sales right through the roof.

Web Design that Stands Out from the Crowd

That something special is what we’re all about. Top designers with flair and innovation don’t just grow on trees but we have managed to gather together a team of the best in the business. Their skills are at your disposal and their sparks of genius are your triumphs.


One of the most important aspects of a corporate image is branding. We at Glint Creative specialize in designing superb and totally memorable logos for our client’s. We will then carry that branding right through every aspect of the business, tailoring it to fit brochures, stationery and labels so that an individual image is portrayed at every stage. Advertising is a big part of online marketing and we know just how to put a message across in a way that will captivate the target audience.


Where some extra visual and audible impact is needed, or maybe even a cartoon character to give a bit of extra stickability to a webpage, we can stage manage the whole scene. Our web designers become the locations, casting and musical directors of your own individual movie and they guarantee you a box office hit.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We know it’s the way forward. It used to be called 'word of mouth marketing’ and yes, it was powerful stuff, but it took a while for the message to get round.

Now with SMO everyone and their whole network of contacts, friends and relatives can see exactly what you stand for. We will make sure your online marketing strategy is linked with Facebook and Twitter so that every message you need to get out there can be on its way in a matter of seconds.

Don’t forget that Facebook and Twitter gives two-way traffic. Anyone with anything to tell you can also get their message through at record speed and that feedback is valuable to business building.

Our Portfolio

Take a browse through our gallery of clients. We’re proud to have given so many high profile businesses an awesome online marketing presence. Maybe you will get an idea of the diverse range of styles our designers can come up with. Each one is completely unique, tailored individually to fit the client’s business needs and wishes.

Remember too that we are here to listen to you. Your wishes are our commands and although we have the creativity to come up with endless ideas on your behalf, it is your hopes and dreams that we wish to fulfil.