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Posted on 17 May 2014

Here’s How You Hire A Great Web Development Team For Your Project

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you are hiring a web development company. It is easy to lose time and money with a poor service provider. This guide will cover all the bases and make your hiring decisions almost foolproof.

Create a clear project spec

If you want to ensure your project is successful — a solution that solves your business problems effectively—you need to first start with a clear outline of your project. The more detailed it is the easier it will be find the developer who can deliver the goods on time and within budget, just as you want it.

Price and time

You can arrive at a reasonable price for the project when you start from the value your project will create. How much revenue do you expect it to make? How much popular will it make you or your business? How many subscribers will you get? When you have a reasonable, value-based estimate in mind you will eliminate a lot of unsuitable candidates easily.


Ask to see examples of work that come close to what you want. You should look whether they have proven expertise related to your project or technology. Ask a lot of questions. Ask to see their documentation.


Talk or email their clients asking whether the prospective candidate(s) indeed worked on their project. Ask about their delivery capabilities and follow throughs. Specifically ask about anything that a potential hirer should know about them.


If your project depends on a particular technology for its success, you’ll of course look for those skill sets. Make sure you mention that in your project spec.

Understand your language

If you’re planning to hire someone overseas make sure they are comfortable speaking your language. Start a few conversations over email and phone to test it yourself. Call them office hours and see their customer support quality.

Start with a small task

You have control over your expenses and timeliness when you start small. You want to progress fast and the best way to do it to start slowly, get used to each other’s working methods and ensure you don’t get locked in when the results are not satisfactory. As the outsourcer proves themselves with solid results you can send larger tasks to them.

Put together a team that works

If you don’t have experience managing a web project, hire an experienced project manager who will oversee all development and be your man. You can also hire someone to do the testing. Ask them what steps they will take to ensure your business goals are met. Probe them. Don’t settle for an easy answer.

Use a tool to track their work

Some companies ask their junior staff do the development whereas they made a senior developer attend your interviews. You’ll mention clearly in that contract that the exact person(s) you shortlisted will do the work. You can use sophisticated trackers to monitor their work.